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Radiant Matter pulls from over 10 years of experience in event management and meeting planning in Philadelphia to create seamless, sleek and impact driven meetings and events. Using the client's branding goals, company message and values Radiant Matter works with each company to achieve a vision which exceeds expectations, excites attendees and energizes future performance. Radiant Matter selects projects based on natural synergy in order to maintain client confidence and work effortlessly.


Local Pharmaceutical Marketing Company contracted a large national meeting series however their meeting planners could not be in two places at once. Leaving a need for on-site and travel staff.

Solution: Radiant Matter staff was selected to pick up the programs from the contract phase and carry it to execution on-site in over 40 states. This included but was not limited to speaker content management, food and beverage management, registration, post program reporting and bill reconciliation.

Challenge: A huge gala is decided on by a varied committee for a national non-profit. The challenge is while there are so many great ideas there is not one distinct lead or plan.

Radiant Matter worked with the committee to prepare a plan including not only all event production (lighting, entertainment, staffing, registration, venue selection, food and beverage management) but also coordinated the sponsorship efforts, created a structure for the silent auction and coordinated all "in-kind” donations switching out paid product for donated product. Radiant Matter also worked with local Public Relations agency to publish event details and increase attendance through magazine, newspaper and TV advertisements.

Challenge: Large Pharmaceutical Marketing Company won a sizeable promotional speaker program series however they did not have the meeting planning staff to support over 800 national meetings.

Solution: Radiant Matter meeting managers went in-house to work alongside client marketing team to provide the planning support they needed. Radiant Matter project managers negotiated, contracted and coordinated venue selection, attendee registration, speaker expenses and travel arrangements, shipment of meeting materials, food and beverage management and audio visual requirements.

Challenge: Recognized and established business owner finishes their first book on business principals however their company continues to demand maximum attention leaving the incredibly important book launch on the "to do” list.

Solution: Radiant Matter worked with the author and their staff to coordinate media coverage and social media outpouring while securing one of the most notable city venues. Radiant Matter worked with and directed production staff to maintain a "live feed” and taped launch. While this event showcased Radiant Matter’s media reach all event planning elements were key to their success; coordinating transportation, press passes, food and beverage, staging, lighting and overall production.

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